Happy birthday to us

January 30, 2009

Yes, it’s true – the Scottish Poetry Library turns a quarter of a century old this weekend!

Founded in 1984 by Tessa Ransford, the library was originally in Tweeddale Court off the High Street. An application for lottery funding in 1994 (the first of its kind,  ours was application 001) was successful, after Tessa’s ‘practical application of fierceness’ (as Malcolm Fraser puts it in the latest edition of our Poetry Reader) and the library as we know it today, designed by Malcolm, was born.

We have a small, intimate retrospective of the library’s history on show at the moment – photos and memorabilia from days of yore – which is free and really interesting. To see the bounds the library has made in 25 years and to remember the people who made it happen is wonderful. We hope you’ll agree that this milestone, where we’re celebrating  our past and preparing for our future, is crystallised in these lines of poetry (what else!) chosen for our 25th anniversary logo:

Something has been completed
That everything is part of
Something that will go on
Being completed forever

from ‘July Evening’ by Norman MacCaig

Here’s to 25 more!

cupcake2We’re always sniffing about for new ways to shout about the Scottish Poetry Library and decided to plump for the blogosphere – a way to share all those links and pics and newsy nothings that occur in SPL land every day. We hope you’ll join us as we find our blogging shoes.

But important matters first: here’s a really nice sicilian lemon cup cake, the like of which Lilias and I had at tea time, perched artistically upon our latest Poetry Reader…