On Saturday night the Scottish Poetry Library had a party to celebrate being 25. Many people came. They came dressed as poems. Christine de Luca was ‘To a Louse’ (On Seeing One On A Lady’s Bonnet, At Church
1786) in which she wore a grand hat with a big louse on the train. Assistant Librarian Lizzie MacGregor had a bandaged Sair Finger. Dangerous Dan McGrew and the Lady that’s known as Lou were here, as were the dish and the spoon (‘Hey Diddle Diddle’) and several wastelands. Chair of our board Joyce Caplan was resplendent as Pound’s translation of Li Po’s ‘River Merchant’s Wife’, while Stewart Conn was a poem as yet unwritten.

The library was bedecked with fairy lights, candles and flowers, and much wine flowed. We had a raffle. We even danced! We wish we’d taken more pictures, but, naturally, we bagged one of the cake, a delightful confection:

our birthday cake

our birthday cake

Richard Holloway, in his speech, likened the SPL to a convent, a place of studious devotion and graceful warmth. He did not witness us tearing up the dance floor later on…


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