Another milestone, more cake

March 10, 2009

Yesterday, Monday 9 March, marked 10 years to the day of us moving into our current building. Naturally, we scuttled across the road to Clarinda’s for cake provisions and settled into a very pleasant reminiscence of times past. Our administrator, who has worked in the library for 17 years, told us of the mad, brilliant shuttling to and from Tweeddale Court with trolleys and boxes of books, to set up camp afresh. On moving into the new building, the staff (just the 5 of them back then) were flabberghasted by the alarm system, the heating, the space, the light! The old building in Tweeddale Court was mini by comparison, had but one ancient key to the treasures and a gas heater, that went on in the morning and off in the evening.

There was no ribbon, no cake and the first person over the thresh hold is a distant memory, but architect Malcolm Fraser had a nostalgic look back at his work book, which noted “Completion 9 March, with a million exclusions.  Tessa moved in, sitting in the middle of a building site, noise and dust everywhere, blissfully happy”.

Gratuitous cake shot

By Cakes we Live ™

2 Responses to “Another milestone, more cake”

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  2. msbaroque Says:

    Happy birthday! By the way, one thing I did (really) notice during my couple of hours in your building the other day was what great cups you have.

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