Splodcast meeting

March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! We’ve just had a webtastic podcast meeting. Lilias (Reader Development Officer), Ryan (Reader in Residence and Podcast Content Forager), Colin Fraser (Podcast Producer) and I (Peggy, Communications Officer) ate Mini Eggs chcolate nest cakes (Ryan refused – ‘swimsuit weather is on the horizon’) and discussed the desired frequency of our podcasts (once a month), and what material Ryan has already accrued (lots).

To make a podcast, Ryan chats to folk and records it on our recording beetle (a cross between a fancy electric shaver and a thing from Star Trek) and he gives the material to Colin. Colin takes out the errs, hmns, sneezes and conversational asides, edits events to make them podcast fit and makes everything snap together like a well-done sum. Lilias puts it up on the website, and I attempt to let everyone know it’s there by shouting about it on Facebook and etc.

You can find our podcasts by visiting our Reading Room, which holds many podcast unrelated treasures. In our first, Ryan had excellent chat with Billy Liar about Robert Louis Stevenson, he recommended books by Sam Meekings and Sharon Olds, and read some Hart Crane.

As you perhaps saw in Happenings 2, our second podcast has just gone live. Called ‘Opening Lines’, you can read all about it here.

Back to the meeting. It was quite loud. We got distracted by news from the Golden Hour Tour of the North, to Applecross, Inverness, Dufftown and Aberdeen. I took this picture to try and capture the scene, but it looks a little posed. Probably because I was standing on a chair, exhorting everyone to look the way they’d look if they were at a meeting. I was hoping for something Titian-esque, but this was the best we could manage:

Colin, Lilias and Ryan try to look natural

Colin, Lilias and Ryan try to look natural

We hope you enjoy our podcasts, and that if you do, you’ll share the love with others who might. We want them to bring you into a lovely world of poetry and chat. Our next one will have interviews with hip young poet Claire Askew, Poetry Schmoetry‘s Ishbel McFarlane talking about her favourite Burns poems, and some sound snaps from a few of our events.

Next time, Our Sweet Old Etcetera will be coming live from StAnza! Well maybe not live Guardian-live-blog styley, but as live as we can manage. Hope you’ll tune in…

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