Jenny Bornholdt’s fab skirt and Friday

March 21, 2009

Jenny Bornholdt's fabulous skirt

Jenny Bornholdt's fabulous skirt

A Dalek Love Song (which Kevin Cadwallender shouldn’t do on doctor’s orders!) courtesy of lunchtime poetry cabaret. Hear it here while you can. Have you ever heard a Dalek in love? Us neither). Jay Pirini in the StAnza discussion reminiscing to a full house about Borges and Alasdair Reid; sound poets, Trio Pas Lundi,who broke minds with their rich blend of French, German and English. These are some of the things you can hear on podcast four of our series.

The things you can’t hear are the wonder of Jenny Bornholdt‘s red tweed skirt, upon which/ were stitched/ a tea pot and cup. The open mic which featured 38 poets and the irrepressible wit of Jim Carruth. Neil Astley perching in the sound box because Bill Manhire and Simon Armitage was utterly packed in the Byre main auditorium at 8pm. Eleanor’s PA Sarah and I hitting Janetta’s for an ice cream run for venue volunteers on yet another fortuitously beautiful day – like all good firefighters, playing cards till the phone goes. Till a poet has gone astray down Market Street, or a train’s delayed, or a pamphlet has been mislaid in the wrong bag and one needs to be pressed into hands in time for a reading which happens in 5 minutes and is 10 minutes sprint away.

As I speak, Ian Rankin, Simon Armitage, Martin Newell, Stephen Scobie, Marco Fazzini are being chaired by Roddy Lumsden upstairs, asking the question, can song lyrics be viewed as poetry. Angus Peter Campbell and Robert Crawford will descend at 11.15am. The Poets’ Market is creating a buzz, with small presses and magazine publishers from all over the country vying to ply their wares. Oh yes, the banter should be good.

Carol Ann Duffy and Patience Agbabi are completely sold out, then later this evening, the StAnza Slam, moved to the main auditorium as tickets for the Studio Theatre sold like hot cakes. Elvis McGonagall, of the fine tartan jacket and world champion slam title under his belt will be our host. Who will win the StAnza StAtuette…

More, and pictures, later! Hope we’ll see some of you!

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  1. […] Vowels upstairs at the Meadow Bar on Thursday 2 July at 7.30pm. He won’t be able to perform his Dalek poem (ignoring doctor’s orders brought on a hernia) but there’ll be plenty to entertain […]

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