Reading between the lines

April 2, 2009

Doing exactly what it says on the van

Doing exactly what it says on the van

None of us SPL-dwellers had ever seen, nor really pondered to think, how double yellow lines are made. A specially built paint roller? Mutant snails making their way in tandem? Horses pulling great punctured tins of paint? As it happens, we witnessed the whole thing today, as Crichton’s Close was decorated with new stripes. Two men worked solidly on a morning inclemently hot. One carried a bucket of syrupy paint, and the other a stick with a rectangular hole at the end of it. One man poured the paint into the rectangle as it was dragged along the ground by the other. It was, and this is not only to make it somehow relevant, poetry in motion. And gently thrilling besides: their van had burning braziers (whose pronounciation is not to be confused with Carry-On films and apparently mythical feminist symbolism) at the back, in which, for reasons unknown, to make molten the rectangle at the bottom of the stick.

Hot stuff

Hot stuff

More happenings tomorrow, but nice, I hope, to learn something that might for some be new.

One Response to “Reading between the lines”

  1. Claire Says:

    Mutant snails would have been good, though. They could have kept the paint in their shells…

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