Happenings 3

April 3, 2009

Can you imagine how delighted we were to spy this super sci-fi looking creature?

Can you imagine how delighted we were to spy this super sci-fi looking creature?

Another week draws to a haarish close, so here’s our Happenings to tide you over till Monday comes:

Tuesday saw the library play host to a double launch from KettilloniaJames Robertson‘s Hem and Heid: Ballads, Sangs, Saws, Poems and Gordon Dargie’s a tunnel of love. The place wis pure hoatchin, mony pamphlets were sold, wine glugged, and some new faces met, commenting on how glad they were to have visited.

Lizzie has noted that the Lost for Words stats have risen, perhaps as a direct result of this! We thank you, and hope you’ll keep them coming.

Tomorrow brings the launch of Kin (Polygon), sibling to Handfast, Lament and Handsel! Doesn’t it look pretty? Hamish Whyte, Diana Hendry and Kate Hendry will read one or two poems, there’ll be fizz and much pleasant milling. It’s free as a bird and all are welcome to partake in wetting the new baby’s head.

Two excellent things fell out of books this week: from Anna Akhmatova‘s Collected floated a perfectly preserved pigeon’s feather, and from a volume of Soutar bounced the line ‘frae the windy woutt and the hoolity-hoo’.

We accidentally left our chocolate fingers out and they melted. A discussion has ensued: melted chocolate vs chilled? It ended with a workshop in the best mode of chocolate finger consumption – bite both ends off and use as straw to drink tea. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Till next week, poetry people. Thanks for reading and excellent weekends all!

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