Ricoh’s staff review

April 7, 2009

Lilias displays Ricoh's mastery in the art of double-sided

Lilias displays Ricoh's mastery in the art of double-sided

Anything involving double-sided colour photocopies sorted and stapled was only the stuff of dreams before Ricoh came along. Lilias had hithertonow been putting off a printing task, haunted by ghosts of photocopiers past and dwams of precious time spent in guarding the printer and laborious sorting. She tested Ricoh’s limits just now and the good news is, he passed with flying colours! And saved enough time for Lilias to make a cup of tea and catch someone on the phone.  In the words of the Guillemots, there’s poetry in an empty coke can.

7 Responses to “Ricoh’s staff review”

  1. Tim Smarts Says:

    We are really enjoying the story of Ricoh. It’s our dwam of the day to hear about his terrific tales.

  2. David Says:

    There’s also poetry in Gestetner… generally depressing and broken. We need a Ricoh; we got a broke-oh. :/

  3. spl5 Says:

    Gestetner – the AE Housman of photocopiers? Ricoh – the Robert Burns?

  4. spl5 Says:

    Oh, and thanks Tim, by the way! Glad you’re enjoying a Photocopier’s Tale.

  5. 🙂

    When I was one-and-twenty
    I heard a wise man say,
    “Give clean-sheeted photocopies
    But not your dirt away;
    Give ease away and pages
    And keep all crumple free.”
    But I was one-and-twenty,
    No use to talk to me.

  6. spl5 Says:


    Mr Housman, is David there? I wish I could respond, Burns-like, but ah couldny top this!

  7. Lilias Says:

    for heaven’s sakes, we must not build up the Ricoh love too much, I’m worried about the backlash. What are those [cyan] blue remembered hills? I fear they could be The land of lost content, I see it shining plain [and black and white economy setting]; those happy copies where I went, and may not go again.

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