What’s your favourite?

April 8, 2009

Typewriter - from shop in Glasgow; typewritten note - photographer's own

Typewriter, Olivetti Lettera 25 - from shop in Glasgow; typewritten note - photographer's own

Things are hotting up, Edwin Morgan style, in the SPL! Some of you may know about our Edwin Morgan Archive – full of wonderful, varied items collected by EM’s friend and editor Hamish Whyte. The formal opening of the archive is fast approaching, tying in with EM’s birthday and the launch of our exhibition, Bawr Stretter! Messages from a poet, so there’s much excitement in the SPL.

Proofs of our splendid booklet about the archive have been squinted at, shuffled and signed off. This fabulous new typewriter, EM’s preferred mode of communication, has been acquired for the leaving of thoughts on the archive, and we’ve been indulging in conversations about what kind of cake we should have – EM favours chocolate cake, but is partial to jaffa cakes too.

We hope you’ll visit once the archive is formally open, but you can help us before that too. We embarked upon a hunt to find the nation’s favourite Edwin Morgan poem, and there’s some of you we’ve still not heard from. This is an ongoing project, but the current frontrunner will become a poster in the Glasgow Subway. So vote now! Please do spread the word about our search and encourage others – we’d love it to contain as many multitudes as the man himself.

2 Responses to “What’s your favourite?”

  1. Has to be Strawberries

  2. spl5 Says:

    Thanks Mairi! ‘Strawberries’ is a popular choice. I like ‘When You Go’ meself, though the debate continues to rage (gently) throughout the library.

    These lines:
    if you go,
    And I should want to die

    gets me every time. So simple yet so wonderful.

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