Emily Dickinson and the poetry-eating spider

April 15, 2009

You'll get my letter by/ The seventeenth; Reply/ or better be with me - / Yours, Fly

You'll get my letter by/ The seventeenth; Reply/ or better be with me - / Yours, Fly

Not in a sci-fi poetry-fiction title, but the board outside the SPL is where we find our tale. We like to keep our board topical. Among other things, past displays have included Andy Warhol style Robert Burns for the great man’s birthday, Christmas trees in December and magpies just for just. The sign has meant a lot to some people – one person enjoyed it so much they paid us a donation to take it away when we were replacing it. Another took solace from it on a sudden bereavement, and inspiration on a poem for the funeral.

Lizzie put this one up for Spring having sprung, featuring Emily Dickinson‘s lovely letter from Fly to Bee. (‘Bee! I’m expecting you!’ Glorious!) Then an unexpected thing happened. A spider set up camp behind the perspex case. It lurked tenaciously near the word fly, undeterred by our sporadic tapping. You can see him, the black spidery smudge in the picture above. Since the oxygen levels can’t be brilliant behind there, and no real flies were present, we opened the case and moved him along. He didn’t thank us, mind. Naturally, we’re choosing to believe he read the poem and formed his own attachments. Tell the Science Festival! A spider who can read!

2 Responses to “Emily Dickinson and the poetry-eating spider”

  1. Colin Will Says:

    More badinage from Boris

    Flies enjoy the hints of fluids
    on the poems posted up.

    Coffee rings attract your common mouche,
    more so if spiked with sugar. Bluebottles

    find a trace of earwax ambrosial, love lipstick,
    will give big licks to fingergrease, sebum,

    blood. Sweat and tears are magnets
    to Lepidoptera. Though folding wings

    is harder than stuffing duvet covers,
    it’s a price worth paying. No matter the style,

    poetry’s a feast. I’ll hang around
    this literary lunchbox another

    eentsy-weentsy hour
    and greet my avid readers. Yum!

    Sunny Dunny

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