Ode to changing a plug part II

April 15, 2009

Anne, poetry and tea have met many times before. Photo by Colin Will

Anne, poetry and tea have met many times before. Photo by Colin Will

On reflection, the poem about our answering machine doesn’t do the challenge justice. The point was to make boring tasks jouncy and rhyming, so that changing a plug becomes fun! not rendered oblique. These reflections were pondered upon last night at the School of Poets with the lovely Anne Connolly. It turns out Anne had already tried her hand at a subject close to our heart – making tea. Here’s her, much better, poem, already on the BBC website and kindly loaned to Our Sweet Old Etc too:

Brewing Instructions (Whittard of Chelsea Orange Pekoe Tea). Brew using 2-4 teaspoons(5-10g) in a 6-cup (1 litre) teapot. Warm the pot first with a splash of hot water. Add the tea and pour on freshly boiled water. Brew for 4-5 minutes


Always, always warm the pot
whether you have time or not.
Draw the water freshly too
as this ensures a better brew.
If a litre’s what you need
then four teaspoons will succeed
in filling six cups, medium strength.
Five full minutes is the length
of time before you pour
and with good leaf-tea nothing more.

One Response to “Ode to changing a plug part II”

  1. […] throughout the library; EM’s birthday balloon, a gift from his two year old pal Maya; Anne Connolly, having pruned her bay tree, having brought us bags of dried bay […]

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