April 16, 2009

We spoke before about our textwork balustrade, an Elizabeth Ogilvie commission for our new building back in 1999. Well, now the haar has finally lifted and the sun’s shining through, it seemed a good time to photograph another piece of Elizabeth’s handiwork. The camera doesn’t convey the visual loveliness of the hologrammatic effects of the light, and the boxes are not ideal, beauty-wise, but this gives an idea:


Elizabeth explains: ‘By Leaves We Live’, the Patrick Geddes phrase which greets the visitor at the library’s entrance, influenced my thinking when planning the front window art work. Using the library’s often quoted MacEwen poem, ‘Rug Eadrain’, in Gaelic, English and Lowland Scots, I have created a very minimal design with the text running down the tree or book-end shapes. Black, grey and aqua tie in with the greys of Caithness stone. I have evoked and suggested with these restrained forms leaning slightly towards the library entrance. And again, referring to the natural world, I used hologram film set in the glass for one line of the poem. This film uses the ambient light, transforming the text into the changing colours of the spectrum.’

Here are the stripes on a grey day:


3 Responses to “Stripes”

  1. Amazing. Lovely–like neon. Magic! We’ll have lots of windows in the new Poets House and have been thinking about creative ways of using the space to pull people in.

  2. spl5 Says:

    Thanks Marsha! We do like a bit of text art around the place (I’m really excited about our upcoming Edwin Morgan exhibition – it’s chock full of it! Pictures will be here in the next few weeks…).

    I’m looking forward to seeing pics of the new Poets House. I’m sure you’ll have no problem luring folks in!

  3. […] some musicians along and did guided tours of the library, including our art work (such as our commissioned stripes and mezzanine glasswork). Afterwards, we read some poems, of […]

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