Handwritten notes from the Archive

April 22, 2009

Murder in the CathedralUsually the term archive conjures thoughts of old stuff like dusty, musty papers. Fortunately, the Edwin Morgan Archive doesn’t stink—it’s pretty cool and we hope that plenty of people will visit the library and upcoming exhibition to see for themselves.

While the archive holds mostly material from the 1960s onwards there are quite a few older items, such as the books from Morgan’s personal library at the University of Glasgow. Quite a few of these works are of prose fiction although several are of poetry. Examples of these older works of poetry include L. MacLean Watt’s The Grey Mother and Other Poems (1903), Joseph Geochegan’s Poems and Sonnets (1910), James Mitchell’s The Warning Bell and Other War Poems (1917), and Ivar Campbell’s Poems (1917).

The works from Morgan’s library are also interesting as they are linked to his teaching and writing. Boyd Cable’s Between the Lines and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky’s Beyond the Planet Earth include handwritten notes by Morgan, while T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral has a whole page of handwritten text pasted into it, as you can see in the picture above. 

To view other interesting works from the archive stop by at the library to see the exhibition which opens next week.

~ Lisa

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