April 23, 2009

Never let it be thought that a librarian’s job is all reading books and having fun chasing old poems;  at the moment I am deep in the cataloguing of the Library’s periodicals – a major, onerous task that has been side-stepped for years. But while I am wrestling with the intricacies of, say, MARC field 866 (Textual Holdings) subfield z (public note), I often have to go and look at the actual volumes, where a moment’s pleasant diversion is afforded by old adverts  – including this one, on a subject dear to the SPL …


~ Lizzie

5 Responses to “Periodicals”

  1. 🙂

    In celebration of your Edwin Morgan archive and exhibition, here’s something he might have done with the advert back in his concrete days.

    A Cup of Tea for Edwin Morgan

    Good as gold, delicious tea.
    Gold as delicious tea – good!
    Delicious as tea; good gold.
    Tea as good – gold, delicious.

    Good as gold tea; delicious
    gold, as delicious good tea…
    Delicious as tea, gold good
    tea, as good delicious gold.

    Good as delicious gold tea.
    Gold as tea delicious, good
    delicious, as good tea – gold!
    Tea as gold – good.. delicious…

    Good as delicious tea, gold
    gold! As tea – good, delicious…
    Delicious as good, gold tea.
    Tea as gold, delicious good.

    Good as tea. Gold delicious.
    Gold as good. Delicious tea.
    Delicious as gold. Tea, good.
    Tea as delicious, gold good.

    Good. As tea delicious, gold
    gold, as good, tea delicious.
    Delicious as gold good tea.
    Tea as delicious, good gold.

    There’s only so much you can do with 4 words and and an “as”. And I think I just did it… 😉

  2. Charles Saatchi Says:

    Better than anything I’ve ever done

  3. spl5 Says:

    David, what a blinding effort. A gauntlet has just been thrown. Can anyone top that? You get a badge for such a response David! If you email ( somewhere I can send it, I’ll get it in the post straight away.

    • Thank you. 🙂 But is it obvious I was bored?

      I may pop in and collect one of the badges!

      Oh, and “Simple formula for perfect refreshment” is a better title for this than my first one. So I’ll steal it from the Coca Cola company. 🙂

  4. […] like Lizzie yesterday, have been quite amused by the advertisements. For instance, a 1968 issue of the Glasgow University […]

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