Poetry sneak/badges

April 23, 2009

Fresh from the badge makers...

Fresh from the badge makers...

#2: Badges

Badges are ace. They can look super, get people talking and draw the eye. ‘What’s your badge?’ ‘Ooh, funny you should ask, it’s just a line from…’ That’s why sneaking poetry onto a badge is such a great idea.

We’re a big bit thrilled with our new Edwin Morgan badges. Celebrating our soon to be opened archive and exhibition, Bawr Stretter! Messages from a poet, the badges are being proudly displayed on cardigans near us. You too can have them! There are 3 to choose from, and they’re available from the library, or by dropping us a wee line if you’re a far away Morgan fan.

Nothing, after all, is not giving messages…

One Response to “Poetry sneak/badges”

  1. […] April 25, 2009 Many of our happenings, as you’ll have guessed, have concerned themselves with our Edwin Morgan Archive. With the formal opening on Monday (and except a full report with photies on Our Sweet Old Etc!), Julie and Lisa have been working hard to get everything ship shape. You’ll be able to visit for yourself from Tuesday, inspect the wonders therein and snag a badge. […]

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