Happenings 5

April 25, 2009

The Loch Ness Monster's Song
Many of our happenings, as you’ll have guessed, have concerned themselves with our Edwin Morgan Archive. With the formal opening on Monday (hereafter known as ‘Edwinday’, with thanks to Carcanet publisher Michael Schmidt) (and expect a full report with photies on Our Sweet Old Etc!), Julie and Lisa have been working hard to get everything ship shape. You’ll be able to visit for yourself from Tuesday, inspect the wonders therein and snag a badge.

Julie has been doing a lot of poetic vinyl lettering. ‘The Loch Ness Monster’s Song’ took 5 hours of intricate measuring and spirit leveling. When the parcel of letters arrived, Julie noticed that one of the ‘fok’s was mistakenly a ‘fol’ so there was a special ‘k’ delivery the next day… You can hear the man himself read the poem at the wonderful Poetry Archive site.

On Wednesday, Lilias and her travellers well and truly got into poetry.

Thursday welcomed Worldwide Reads: From India to Scotland, an event in collaboration with the British Council following Robyn’s February trip to the Kolkata Book Fair. We enjoyed Gaelic and Bengali among other languages, in original and in English translation, with writers including Meg Bateman and Udaya Narayana Singh. They complimented us on our tea-making skills. We were pleased.

On Friday, we had our Ian Hamilton Finlay tapestry rehung. It had been on loan to the Dovecot Studios, and the first attempt at rehanging was aborted because the ladder was too short. Friday’s ladder certainly wasn’t.

Our Biscuit of the Week (we’re saving our cake treat for Monday) goes to the Marks & Spencer Biscuit Curl. Unfortunately a picture cannot be found. Take our word for it; we know good biscuits and they’re good.

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