Photos, as promised…

April 28, 2009

Here’s a few snaps of yesterday’s festivities, as promised

Bawr stretter

Badges, bookmarks, booklets, Bawr stretter!, the name of our exhibition of EM’s work, also opened yesterday.

(word) hoards/hordes

We didn’t get an exact figure, but we reckon 89 people on an 89th birthday party is a fine guesstimate…

EM cuts the cake

EM cuts his birthday cake, to much cheering, clapping and snapping. We never did see a more Bruce Bogtrottery cake…


Hamish, caught mid-think, on being asked, how do you rate the cake? (9/10, if you care to know).

Malcolm and Mike

SPL architect Malcolm Fraser and Mike Wade, who wrote this nice piece in The Times, have an intense discussion. This was unposed. Ok ok, it was completely posed.

Ron and Liz

Two of EM’s long-term pals, Edinburgh Makar Ron Butlin and Glasgow’s Poet Laureate Liz Lochhead.

Ron, Mike Russell, EM

Ron made a toast in which he called EM ‘the grandest possible grand old man’. We concur.

This way...


12 Responses to “Photos, as promised…”

  1. Sophia Says:

    Wonderful post, full of fun and celebration. Also, great photos to help tell the story. Really enjoying this blog – keep up the good work!

  2. spl5 Says:

    Thanks Sophia. It’s really very lovely of you to say so. I’m glad you’re still checking in with us!

  3. Soooo disappointed I couldn’t be there that I’m going to use a smiley: 😦

  4. spl5 Says:

    an unsmiley 😦

  5. David Says:

    Och, can’t you just relocate to the West Coast to allow me to gatecrash these kind of things?

  6. Some nice pictures here. You should give the photographer a credit line.

  7. spl5 Says:

    Thanks for reading Gordon. The photos are by Peggy Hughes 🙂

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  9. […] welcomed the arrival from Potts Printers of our latest Poetry Reader! This issue reflects upon our ‘Edwinday’ and asks for top EMA picks; we have Douglas Dunn writing about the work of his long-standing friend […]

  10. […] ribbon-cuttings: Edwin Morgan cutting the ribbon of the Edwin Morgan Archive on his 89th birthday, splendidly clad in a Tunnock’s Glasgow t-shirt; a group of letter-painters of all […]

  11. […] believe it’s a year since our Edwin Morgan Archive was launched to the world, which means it’s almost a year since Edwin Morgan’s 89th birthday, which means next week he’s 90. There’ll be plenty more where this came from […]

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