The Postal Service

April 29, 2009

StampsWe’ve already spoken about our poetry outposts round the country, but some of you may not know that we also offer a postal service. Many people, for one reason or another, are unable to visit us in person, and though there are lots of internet resources available, from listening posts, like the Poetry Archive, to blogs like ours, some people prefer a book or audio CD dropping through the letterbox.

You need to be a borrower of the SPL first, then you can simply phone, email or write us a letter requesting up to six titles. You can browse our catalogue first, or have us do that for you. At this end, we get the package together, the requested titles and a Freepost label so you can avoid the post office queue. We ask for £1 per item (50p for audio items) to cover the cost of postage both ways, but this service is completely free to Friends of the library. And you dont have to live in Scotland to partake of this nifty service – we deliver to the rest of the UK and Ireland too.

Our regular postal borrowers, though there’s many we’ve never actually met, have become distant penpals, telling us what they thought of this poem on page 67, or asking for top tips for their next delivery. Sometimes we sneak surprises in, based on what they’ve borrowed before.

Do you know someone who’d like to receive a parcel of lovely poetry through the door? If so, pick up the phone and just call us. 0131 557 2876. Like pizza, but poetry.

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