Carol Ann Duffy

May 6, 2009

It’s old news now that Carol Ann Duffy was announced our new Poet Laureate last Friday, succeeding Andrew Motion‘s ten year tenure. She’s been all over the news: the media dwelt upon her supposed swithering over taking the role, and how the bookies William Hill closed betting days before the announcement, with Duffy 5/4 favourite to take the sherry. There’s been much excitement about her being the first woman in the role’s 400 year history, for being a Scot (she was born in Glasgow), for being a lesbian. Philip Hensher wrote that the poems are what matters in the Independent, and Carol Rumens acquiesced with this Guardian blog, saying that talent is more important than gender. The Observer published this interview with her, in which she speaks frankly about the role and the Guardian followed it up with a handy slideshow of poet laureate portraits through the ages and a video chat with Charlotte Higgins. She has donated her salary as laureate to the Poetry Society for a new prize, is apparently on the programme for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe and we found out she likes her sherry dry.

But do you know what? We think she’s wonderful and her poetry books are among our most borrowed, but as our Robyn put it in the Edinburgh Evening News, we think it blooming marvellous to see poetry hitting the headlines!

*Something Entirely Unrelated Warning*

We always like to put a jolly picture with our blog posts, and what jollier than this picture here:
Janice Galloway's chicks

These are Janice Galloway‘s chicks. In the course of an email exchange, she sent the picture to Lilias, who let me have a peep, and quite taken by them, thought we had to have them. Happily, Janice was kind enough to let us put such week old minors online.

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