Poems Aloud!

May 10, 2009

Ceilidh PlaceThe rain was coming down in sheets outside by 11pm last night, but inside the refurbed Parlour Bar snug of the Ceilidh Place, the fire was roaring. The evening got off to a fine start with Ullapool’s own Joan Michael reading a poem by Gael Turnbull. We went on to enjoy a glory of diverse treasures: snatches of Frank Kuppner, George MacKay Brown and Somhairle MacGill-Eain, in Gaelic and English. Faith Liddell took Alan Bissett as her prop to perform Matt Fitt‘s ‘Kate O’Shanter’s Tale’, and Andro Linklater addressed James Fenton’s ‘I’m In Paris With You’ to Faith with a theatricality Compton MacKenzie would’ve applauded.. Honorary President of the UBF Donny O’Rourke brought music to the mix in singing Burns’ ‘My Love is like a Red, Red Rose‘ then Alan sang a song his grandfather had written. There was an Icelandic ghost song, a funny short story about a cloak made of midge skins and the sweet singing of Gerda Stevenson and Nancy Nicholson. The evening went with a poetic swing, and one lady expressed her surprise at how time had flown by exclaiming ‘11.50pm?! It’s almost the Sabbath! I better get this gin in me.’ The ceilidh spirit is alive and well in Ullapool!

One Response to “Poems Aloud!”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Oh how I wish I had gone. Next year I’m sneaking into your leather suitcase.

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