Poetry in the White House, Poetry in the garden

May 13, 2009

Bogcotton by Juliet Rees

We were delighted today to read that President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a Poetry, Music and Spoken Word evening in the White House last night. ‘Demonstrating how communication is a constant throughout the ages,  the hope is also that this evening’s gathering helps ensure that all voices are heard, particularly voices that are often not heard.’ Here’s a gossipy account of the evening courtesy of the New York Times. Oh that we could’ve gatecrashed!

But, meanwhile, in gusty Edinburgh, something a little bit delightful that we can and will attend! Hamish Whyte and Diana Hendry will be selling poetical wares on Sunday 17 May from 2pm – 5pm as part of the Stockbridge colonies annual yard sale. Hamish tells us that there will be books for sale (mariscat and others) at incredibly cheap prices plus original poems (signed and unsigned copies available), ephemera etc.  They hope also to have a poetry tree (like a cloutie tree) and may even give readings on request. Coupled with the Botanics Annual Plant Sale nearby on the same afternoon, there’s the green-fingered poetry lovers’ Sunday afternoon catered for…

What we love is to see poetry getting out and about, schmoozing, sticking its nose into unusual places and being read and heard. Hurrah for Obama, Hamish and Diana!

4 Responses to “Poetry in the White House, Poetry in the garden”

  1. “Hurrah for Obama, Hamish and Diana!” Not every day you see that combination.

    • Lorrainebow Says:

      Ah such cheery news on this sunny afternoon!

      Two questions for thee, SPL@

      1. Do the Obama’s get a say in the american poet laureate?

      2. Donde esta el stockbridge colonies sale, por favor?


  2. spl5 Says:

    Andy: quite!

    Rain: according to this – http://www.loc.gov/poetry/laureate.html
    “The Poet Laureate is appointed annually by the Librarian of Congress and serves from October to May. In making the appointment, the Librarian consults with former appointees, the current Laureate and distinguished poetry critics.” No mention of the Os.

    Hmm, good Q. I think it’s in H&D’s garden, but I will fact check and report back. I’m going! Thee?

    • Lorrainebow Says:

      Yep. I plan to go, fingers crossed for sunshine and see you there. We can either go thence to the pub, or make a firm pub arrangement for sometime soon. Til then, be good.

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