Poets and their beards

May 14, 2009

Ryan's beard“Typifying a once-popular, but nowadays seldom-encountered species of turn-of-the-century ephemera, Poets Ranked by Beard Weight has become a rarity much prized by bibliophiles, and one that still stands out as a particular curiosity among the many colorful curiosities of the period…”

Read the full article, Poets Ranked by Beard Weight, with pictures…

Our Ryan in Residence, left, sports a beard. Gravity (UPI Rating) unknown.

6 Responses to “Poets and their beards”

  1. Lorrainebow Says:

    Dear SPL.

    I’m looking for some beard-related agony aunt advice. Am submitting my angst in the poetic form…What should I do?

    I had a love,
    he had a beard,
    Last night I found it shorn
    he find my cries insenstive
    those rugged looks I mourn.

    his baldy face now pale and wan
    not textured, full and strong
    I miss his manly turf parade
    can love continue on?

    • spl5 Says:

      Rain, poor rain,
      I feel your pain
      For I have a Beard
      Who became a Sheared
      It simply wasn’t the same

      But the chin I knew
      Grew hairs brand new!
      Within the week
      With no razor’s tweak
      Turf parade will return to you!

  2. […] pondered bearded poets and further to the point asked ourselves whatever happened to the […]

  3. Lorrainebow Says:

    ah pegasus, I’ll contemplate
    the facebook tales of similar fate
    deep pain and doubt debearding bring
    along with new looks for our kin

    the blade he scraped across his face
    has brought new textures to embrace
    I stroke the skin, and feel with glee
    dark shoots of love’s recovery!

  4. […] Robert Louis Stevenson, John Masefield, Rudyard Kipling and Hugh MacDiarmid. We have mentioned here poets ranked by their beard weight before, and we have touched briefly upon moustaches in interview with that owner of a marvellously […]

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