Happenings 6

May 15, 2009



We’re pleased to bring you our Happenings this gusty Friday…

Stephen Raw brought his paints to the library on May 7 for a Burns Banner workshop. We were delighted to welcome contributions from writers, a crew of first year artists from the eca and the SPL massif… You can see more snaps from other workshops, and find out how you can be involved (you know you want to!), over at the Burns Banner website.

On a Burns note, it was a treat to find the opinions of Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell on the great bard.

We were pleased to be alerted to this website vending all manner of things librarian, including the ‘Polite Librarian’ mug…

Lilias and I attended the launch of Reel Iraq last night at the Roxy Art House. What a space, what music, what a crowd, and oh us, what splendid food! Flat breads, dates, dips and teas. Have a look at the wonders offered in the full programme. We pity the fool who misses out…

We pondered bearded poets and further to the point asked ourselves whatever happened to the moustache?

The dates for BBC’s Poetry Season are out! Grab your popcorn and away we go!

We found out we’re a respectable No. 21 in the Twitter Library League, which includes the world…

We’re limbering up for the future and we’re wondering what poems YOU can’t do without, on which more next week… A bonny, rainproof weekend to all!

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