The Essay; Radio 3, Wednesday 20 May

May 17, 2009

Ears at the ready, Poetry Listeners: W N Herbert explores the work of Edwin Morgan on BBC Radio 3’s The Essay on Wednesday 20 May at 11pm. According to the BBC, ‘according to Herbert, Morgan is the poet who articulates most fully how variable Scottish poetry can be, and how distinct from English and Irish writing it is. With both Herbert and Morgan reading examples of their own work.’

On an Edwin Morgan note, our new archive website is up and running! Check it out

And on a BBC note, this poetry spy watched ‘Ian Hislop’s Changing of the Bard’ this morning on BBC iPlayer (quick! you can view it until Saturday 23 May), and rather interesting it was too. Fascinating to discover the ways in which the most recent laureates have utilised the modern media available to them: Tennyson the photograph, Masefield the LP and Motion the internet in establishing the Poetry Archive. Also, who’d have thunk, that Tennyson was one of the great celebs of his day; Farringdon featured highly on the list of what to see on the Isle of Wight , with droves turning up to climb his trees for a better view, and picking his flowers…

We’re closed for Victoria Day tomorrow, so till Tuesday, happy Mondays…

One Response to “The Essay; Radio 3, Wednesday 20 May”

  1. Oooh – like the navigation on the Morgan site, especially having just seen the hallowed desk and chair.

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