Happenings 7

May 22, 2009

nothing is not giving messages

Friday has bounced round quickly, since we were shut for Victoria Day on Monday. Apologies to the few who came to see us and were greeted by a locked door.

This week we…

…were pleased to see a few familiar faces on the shortlist for the inaugural Michael Marks Awards for Poetry Pamphlets. Say that last sentence fast for top tongue twisting effect.

…like everyone else, thought May a big month for the sisterhood, with Ruth Padel elected Oxford Professor of Poetry.

…were saddened by an online poll stating that people were generally frightened of reciting poetry, and that 82% of the particpants could not recite a poem off the top of their heads. We would like to cordially invite the faint of heart to our Listen with… SPL event on Wednesday 17 June in order to feel the poetic love.

…, on a related note, had a nosy at Patrick West’s questioning piece, ‘Why are so many people blank about verse?’

…enjoyed the launch of the works of Mr Tim Turnbull and Mr Tim Wells, and loved the hot new Donut Press products.

…got all thrilled, in that Possession kind of way, at the news that three unpublished poems by WH Auden have surfaced in the archives of the British Film Institute more than 70 years after they were written…

…were visited by friends of friends, and were charmed to discover that their 6 month old baby loves having poetry read to her.

…urge you to support Salt Publishing through difficult times by buying just one book

…are gearing up for poems about home being shared over picnics in the Poetry Garden at St Andrew Square for Refugee Week (15 – 21 June). 

…are loving that Friday feeling! Happy weekend all!

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