SPL of the Future…

May 28, 2009

There’s lots of websites we like. This may seem like a shabby, blatant plug, but honest guv, it’s a fair cop! – we’ve been doing a lot of head-scratching about where the SPL will be in ten years and thinking back to where we were ten years ago, when the internet was something that resided elsewhere, and emails were checked in an internet cafe up the road…

How things have changed! The Poetry Archive has made precious recordings available to all who want them, delicious treats from Tennyson intoning ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ to previously little-heard  Sylvia Plath poems and all manner of voices and poems in between. The Poetry Foundation offers a veritable repository of goods, from poems texts, to blogs to poems as art, and there’s a goodly amount of time to be whiled away slavering over the Poets’ House in NY. You can tap straight in to the thoughts of real people and only connect, via blogs, Facebook and Twitter. The world is our silicon chip.

Interweb aside, we’ve come a long way too, from 300 books in a single room to our current unique collection of 30,000 titles, our purpose-built Edinburgh home and our partner collections all over Scotland. And we’re taking this opportunity to consider where we should be in ten years time, and we need to know what you think, you our borrowers and supporters and friends. So please don your ceremonious thinking caps, and take some time to think about and reply to the two questions we’re asking. Your opinion really will help us shape the SPL of the future: 

1)      What is the most valuable thing about the SPL, which we mustn’t lose?

2)      What does the SPL look like ten years from now? Think big….

4 Responses to “SPL of the Future…”

  1. I can only answer as someone who hasn’t been to visit you as you’re selfish enough to take bank holidays off… ahem. :o|

    So, my answers will be, from a blog-reader, these:

    1) friendliness and openness and not-up-yourself-liness. It’s very refreshing readign here.

    2) It will have multiple buldings (one in glasgow at least, please) and be seen as a “normal” place i.e. not just for “enthusiasts”. (Which it isn’t… but my neighbours and work colleagues and friends would think so.)

  2. […] on Facebook, on being asked to peer into the crystal ball of the SPL’s future, one person suggested “how about a big Iron-Man-style animatronic robot that looks like Ted […]

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