Happenings 8

May 29, 2009

Cake!Gorgeous weather we’re having today in Edinburgh, and may the same be said for wherever you find yourselves.

In SPL Happenings, we’re gearing up (gently) to send our newsletter, the Poetry Reader, to print. Full of musings, photos, signs and wonders, you can pick up your free copy here in the library when it’s ready, or sample our back issues any old time you like.

We like the glossy programme for Refugee Week Scotland on the theme of Home, running from 15 – 21 June. We particularly like this sound bite, from ‘Margaret’, on being asked ‘What does home mean to you?’: “Home is just home, isn’t it love? If he’s there [indicates to her husband]. Sixty years in March. When I see him I know I’m back.”

Robyn attended a reception at the Lyon & Turnbull auction house on Broughton Street on Tuesday. Over Friday tea and cake, she revealed the revelations of an auctioneer, on the price hierarchy of animal portraiture: ‘sheep are the least prized, followed by cattle, horses, then pigs. There is no difference in value between dogs and cats’ . Someone mentioned animal farm.

This week an American woman visited who’s cruising round the world to Helsinki via Norway and St Petersburg. She said getting to stop off in Edinburgh and visit us in person was the highlight of her trip. Eat your heart out Palace Square!

Ruth Padel was brought for the first time to one visitor’s attention by the recent press machinations. We assembled a pile of titles and an easy chair and left her to it. She deemed them excellent. We hoped that would happen.

Over on Facebook, on being asked to peer into the crystal ball of the SPL’s future, one person suggested “how about a big Iron-Man-style animatronic robot that looks like Ted Hughes? It could be 100ft high and go up and down the Royal Mile distributing flyers and cakes and reading out famous poems in a booming electronic voice. It might be more fun if it was a bit dangerous, out-of-control and difficult to turn off — the Poetry Library staff would have to go out each evening with grappling hooks, burning torches and special electric dart guns to deactivate it and return it to SPL base.” We enjoyed that. We even found ourselves asking where we would store such a behemoth. We hope for more feedback, and maybe even some serious ones too.

We ate cake (as above).

We admired aloud, as we individually but silently admire every day, the Blue Picardy spaniel pup who canters down the close.

May the sun keep his hat on till Monday! The forecast thinks it might…

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