Lecturers sing for students

June 2, 2009

Comedy moustache: my best sideWe were thrilled to read today about the latest adventures of Dry Island Buffalo Jump, a band formed by lecturers in English, French, History and Divinity from the University of St Andrews. It is also tangentially relevant, in that founder member Dr Chris Jones is a medieval and modern poetry expert, and perhaps less so, Lilias and I are both graduates of St Andrews.

Recognising that ‘in these straitened economic times, it’s going to be harder and harder for some students to get the money together to go to university’, the lads (who are sometimes joined by Chris’s daughters, nine year old Eve on fiddle and seven year old Anya on harmonica) decided to write and record a song about the recession to raise money that will provide financial support for students in need.

You can sample and purchase ‘The Credit Crunch Song’ here http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/dibj/ for the bargainous sum of a mere £1.

Every single one of those hundred pennies will go into a fund which will be used for prizes, bursaries or scholarships to support financially disadvantaged students study at St Andrews University. We applaud this endeavour, taking School of Rock to a new level.

The picture above is, as you may have guessed, completely unrelated. In clearing out my desk, to make it habitable for Dave, our front desk newcomer (welcome Dave!), I found a bizarre razor letter opener that looks exactly like a comedy moustache. Enough said. Dastardly, no?

4 Responses to “Lecturers sing for students”

  1. Sophia Says:

    In these straitened economic times, you could turn that photo into a postcard and make heaps of money.

    • spl5 Says:

      Thanks Sophia! Yes – maybe we ought to start a photo booth here in the library: “Do you yearn for an excellent comedy moustache? Yearn no more! and create that unique mug/teatowel/coaster for your loved one”

  2. Wellwynder Says:

    It’s seems a bit nerdish to know this, but I’m pretty sure that your comedy moustache is not a letter opener, but one of those carpet-cutting blades that you can get for Stanley knives…

    • spl5 Says:

      Wellwynder, you are a breath of fresh air in a razor-ignorant fog. The question is, what was it doing in among my pens? Someone has pointed out, and it seems worth mentioning, that there is nothing comic about it: one big, misdirected sneeze could cut a throat.

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