Ryan and poems at the Meadows Fest

June 16, 2009

Great photo of Ryan and stall, nicked from Aiko! Better late than never, and delayed only by stop the press Jaffagate (and by the way we loved your poems Lorrainebow and David! The Jaffa Cake canon explodes…) I asked Ryan to write a bit about his experience of the Meadows Fest and he did…

Hello Sweet Old Readers. Despite the wind and rain on Saturday 6 June,  we had a sweet old afternoon handing out our favourite poems. The Poetry Army was in full effect and the screen printing was great.

One highlight was this screen-printed card.

rock engine trembling will shatter against
destroyed buildings
your savings lay undone
sharp and willing

We were nestled in between the Forest / Police Box stage and the ever-popular beer tent. Loads of people came and we gave away dozens of the Edwin Morgan Cards which I love. I made everyone who even looked at us take a card which read: “Nothing is Not Giving Messages.” Which is fast becoming my favourite quoteable quote.

Poems by Leonard Cohen about kites, poems by Bukowski about drinking and a poem by Aaron Smith about Brad Pitt proved most popular.

Favourite quote from a punter — “Poetry. That’s for like, intellectuals, isn’t it?” You be the judge.

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