Listen with… SPL

June 17, 2009

We’ve just bidden farewell to our small but perfectly formed afternoon group. 4 people came to Listen With… SPL for Jammie Dodgers and tea, with Ryan and Dave reading for them. Brilliantly though, they all felt moved to join in too. Cleodie recited Thomas Hardy from memory and Nella read Arnold’s ‘Dover Beach’ (spine tingling, we agreed, despite the rigours of 6th form). Jenny read U A Fanthorpe’s ‘Atlas’ and Jo Shapcott’s letter to her mother-in-law on Shetland and Scott recited a poem which we debated may have been Walter de la Mare (on the basis of ‘ye horses’), which always comes to mind when driving at night. Peggy didn’t read as she has a voice for ballet, but the dulcet tones of Dave and Ryan were roundly applauded, with Dave reading countrymen Muldoon and MacNeice, and Ryan Stewart Conn (on request) and Kit Wright.

So despite the rain and fear that no-one would come, a most pleasant and diverting afternoon was had by all, and we agreed to do it again soon.

One Response to “Listen with… SPL”

  1. David Says:

    A voice for ballet. :o) Much like myself…

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