Home is where the poem is

June 18, 2009

HomeJust back from poems and a picnic in the Poetry Garden, St Andrew Square. A dozen of us gathered to hear poems about home, as part of Refugee Week; thankfully, the rain held off till the readings were over. Ryan hosted proceedings, and read a poem in which he imagines what his family might be up to in sunny Connecticut whilst he endures another tepid Scottish summer.

Then Iyad Hayatleh read two of his own poems, and one by Mahmoud Darwish, in Arabic and in English. A Palestinian born in a Syrian refugee camp, Iyad has never been to Palestine: home, he says, has been the most controversial word in his life.

One of the cherry trees in the Poetry Garden had been decorated for the occasion with hand-written poems composed by members of The Welcoming project, and we decided to be pleased that, between Monday and today, some of the poems had been ‘liberated’.  No doubt they’re giving great pleasure to their new owners.

So much for the poems; what about the picnic? Snacks came courtesy of Leith’s World Kitchen – who needs cake when there’s lentil dumplings?

~ Jane

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