Please vote for us!

June 22, 2009

Thumbs up to the SPL from Eric and Malcolm!

There’s been a flurry of excited activity down at Crichton’s Close this morning! We’re semi-finalists in the National Lottery Awards for Best Arts Project! This is mega-exciting for us, and we hope for you too, as the prize money of £2000 will really help us to continue our work of bringing people and poetry together.

If you like what we do (and we hope you like what we do!) (we love what you do, you poetry lovers, you) then please vote. Get your colleagues and your mates to vote. Your granny, your other half, get your dog to vote. Every little helps, and we at the SPL will be enormously grateful. It only takes a second to do so. You can call 0844 686 7233. Or you can go to the National Lottery Awards website, scroll down and click the blue button. It’s as easy as that.

In the picture above our accountant Eric Wishart (beside bike) and our architect Malcolm Fraser, both longtime supporters of the SPL, are giving the thumbs up. Please help us win the lottery and make it thumbs up all round!

6 Responses to “Please vote for us!”

  1. Sophia Says:

    My vote is in. Good luck!

  2. […] We’re semi-finalists in the Best Project Category of the National Lottery Awards! […]

  3. Anne Connolly Says:

    I just had to vote after your stirring announcement at Shore Poets last night Peggy. Good luck !!!

  4. spl5 Says:

    You’re a wee gem, thanks Anne! Hope others in the audience were similarly moved!

  5. […] The day we announced our semi-finalist in the National Lottery awards status (have we already mentioned that..?) we had a photo shoot with a nice chap called Mark from the Edinburgh Evening News. Though our mugshots didn’t make it into the paper, Mark was kind enough to send us the pics, of which the above is one. […]

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