June 23, 2009

Fatma and Kevin. Picture by Eddie Gibbons.On Saturday, the SPL played host to the first handfasting in our 25 year history! We were delighted to be approached concerning hire a few months ago by poet Kevin Cadwallender, (it prompted much girlish giggling about hats and Cilla Black was mentioned), and honoured that he and his betrothed Fatma had chosen our building for their special day. The champagne flutes were at the door ready to greet guests and the pink and white flowers propped around the library, awaiting. We even tried to make an aisle on the mezzanine…

The guests started to arrive at 5.30pm. Sally Evans and her husband Ian King were kind in rushing out to purchase soft drinks, since I’d managed only to remember the champagne. The place was rammed with friends and well-wishers, gathered in the church of poetry to witness the ceremony, conducted by Colin Will (who was also a great help in uncorking the obstinate fizz). The bride wore pale pink, the groom a kilt. There’s a picture above, though if anyone has any taken in the library, we’d love to see it! There was no room even for a small one on the mezzanine level, but the audience participation was significant. The ceremony itself was short and sweet, and involved some tradition with candles, water and earth and loud cheers announced the joining! The couple emerged from the lift and swept up the close to the next stop in the party – Dunbar’s Close for pictures and more carousing.

We of course gave them a copy of our Handfast (hope no-one else had that bright idea!) and wish them all the very best. Kevin will be launching his book Dances with Vowels upstairs at the Meadow Bar on Thursday 2 July at 7.30pm. He won’t be able to perform his Dalek poem (ignoring doctor’s orders brought on a hernia) but there’ll be plenty to entertain without it.

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