Who lives in a house like this?

June 24, 2009

Charles Causley's keysCharles Causley (1917 – 2003) has popped up a few times in the past week or two. The first was when Lizzie received an enquiry: the enquirer knew the poem to be about ‘being old and nearing the end of life’, involving ‘a vision of the poet being a young boy again at the side of a river and his parents as he remembers them when he was young are on the other side calling over to him that its not too difficult to cross over to them’.  ‘Mother in her straw hat’ stuck out, and the whole was redelivered to mind after being ‘read by the poet on a Radio 4 programme about a month ago’. Lizzie was a little stumped and sent it round everyone else, and Robyn came back with this: ‘Yes, I know this one! It’s a wonderful poem by Charles Causley, called ‘Eden Rock’ – it’s the last poem in the Collected.’ Precise!

Today, in the course of a meeting about W S Graham, there Charles Causley was again!; one of the meetees happened to have upon his person the keys to Causley’s house (‘named for the Saxon spring,/ Stands by the sour farmyard, the long – / Dry lip that once was Sibard’s Well’) in Launceston in Cornwall. The disarmingly normal, blue-sheathed Yale key above will click you through to a little virtual tour of the exterior and study, with piano, tapestry cushions and flock wallpaper.

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