Happenings 11: a week in A – Z

June 26, 2009

Alexander McCall Smith’s leaf

Bananas dipped in dark chocolate: a present in the kitchen which Jane said tasted ominously like barbeques

Concrete poetry excitements forthcoming, in collaboration with the Ingleby Gallery

Dewey decimal, Dave learns the ropes

Edwin Morgan in our forthcoming Poetry Reader…; Excitement* (*see W)

Fun, like holding meetings on the terrace because of the nice weather

George Mackay Brown sales up 844.4% as a result of the BBC ‘Hamnavoe’ episode

Heaving boxes out of the window because it was bright and they were warm

Ivor Cutler ruminations…

Jane typesetting the Poetry Reader

Kevin Cadwallender agrees to aid us in an exciting poetical adventure

Lemon drizzle cake for Friday tea; Lizzie’s on holiday

Michael Marks Pamphlet Award winners announced

Nothing But the Poem on Monday with Ryan and 5 others

Only a week to go till our visit from Jen Hadfield on Thursday 2 July; our Lilias speechifies well down in Melrose last weekend at the book awards

Paul Muldoon on Colbert Nation. Will ‘Tea’ really become the number one poem in Amercia?

Quite a lot of meetings this week

Robyn departs to Berlin this morning for the Berlin Poetry Festival. Jealousy in SPL HQ!

Someone leaves their sunglasses behind…

…two chaps find them and the owner is pleased

‘Under certain circumstances there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea’ ~ Henry James

We’re semi-finalists in the Best Project Category of the National Lottery Awards!

X marks the spot where baby pigeons are nesting

Yesterday we were excited to find @LRBcakeshop on Twitter

Zounds! It’s time to go!

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