Happenings 12: a week in numbers

July 3, 2009

'Strawberries' poster, as seen on Glasgow's subway2 bar stools, quickstepped down from the Waverley Bar on St Mary’s Street for Jen Hadfield’s event last night in the library. Feedback suggests that it is favourable to be able to see the poet in question, but conundrum: we love big audiences and to introduce a platform would only use valuable space… Mr Walker of the Waverley to the rescue! Last night’s survey gave leatherette bar stools the thumbs up! Incidentally, George Szirtes has lovely things to say about Jen on his blog, having read with her on Tuesday night in Grasmere. She was great.

Countless ‘Strawberries’ on Glasgow’s subway! Currently leading a poll for the nation’s favourite Morgan poem, an army of posters sprouting ‘Strawberries’ can be found growing with raucous abandon across Glasgow’s ‘clockwork orange’. A more delicious treat, certainly, than EM’s ‘Piranhas’; commissioned but rejected by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, their message to the public was staunch: “there are no piranhas on the Glasgow subway”.

Over 40 marvellous new CDs for the audio shelves processed this week by Dave, including Alice Oswald reading ‘Dart’ (which has darted immediately off the shelves to a postal borrower) and Sir John Gielgud reading ‘Old Possums Book of Practical Cats’.

One whole box of German goodies consumed with tea time gusto.

Over 100 people in over the threshhold; with Edinburgh engulfed in a heady sleeping bag’s worth of heat and Arthur’s Seat shimmering in the haar, they didn’t find cool with us, as…

…the thermometer by Lizzie’s desk charted territory unknown with 28°C.

0 camera chargers – ours has gone walkies.

636 Facebook friends. We always welcome more…

19 kids making letters for the Burns Banner at Thursday’s workshop!

5 minutes till lift off! A great weekend one and all!

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