July 13, 2009

Today Lizzie started work on curating a mini exhibition of Scottish poetry.  A common misapprehension, as per our name, is that we only have Scottish poetry here; while this is certainly not true, we do have a fair bit of it! And Lizzie, having edited Luckenbooth and Handfast, is just the woman for such a job. Tying in with what’s likely to be a busy time ahead, the exhibition celebrates Scottishness and our holdings, old and new. We’re anticipating multitudes descending to seek their poetic forefathers in connection with The Gathering, a two-day Highland Games, set in Holyrood Park on 25 – 26th July. We were recently involved with the Gathering Poetry Competition, which attracted entries from Scots at heart from all round the world. You can find the winners and their winning poems on our website.

In the meantime, Lizzie’s exhibition, showcased against a backdrop of tartan, what else!, features golden oldies, as well as choice titles for purchase in our shop. The latter category includes More Poetic Gems from William McGonagall, An Leabhor Mòr (The Great Book of Gaelic), Sandy Candy & Other Nursery Rhymes, and the bethistled Modern Scot: from 1930, its design is still strikingly, sparsely modern, even if the tract itself is slightly foxed.

One Response to “Gathering”

  1. Hiya, would lizzie be available to be interviewed live tonight on Leith FM in the studio at around 10:30pm?

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