Go nuts for Donuts (& W S Graham)!

July 15, 2009

We had the pleasure of hosting the Scottish launch of Tim Turnbull and Tim Wells in May past, and in chatting to Donut Press publisher Andy Ching, found him to be an avid W S Graham fan. They had recently published  Graham’s Approaches to How They Behave (it so happens I was at the very entertaining launch for that in the Melton Mowbray pub in London). Their website explains that it first appeared in his landmark collection Malcolm Mooney’s Land and they’ve reproduced it, together with a selection of extracts from Graham’s correspondence and an introduction from Sean O’Brien.

Robyn noticed that Sotheby‘s had some W S Graham items at auction yesterday, with the lot intriguingly described thus: “comprising 11 autograph and 12 typescript pages of light verses on drinking at the Gurnard’s Head Hotel and comic bawdy poems”. Robyn initially pondered ‘stains, some tears’  before the penny dropped and she realised this was book speak for small rips and not the watermarks of Graham’s weeping.

Andy was kind enough to offer to send us a few Donuts for our holdings, and we were delighted to take delivery of a very well-taped parcel the other week: shoe-box in size and unprepossessing in aspect, fighting into it we were delighted to uncover a set of delectable Donuts! Roddy Lumsden, Colette Bryce, John Stammers, Paul Farley and the afore-mentioned Tims, to name but a few of the titles, comprised the batch. The Donut aesthetic never fails to please.

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