More Meadows fun: The Big Lunch

July 16, 2009

If you’re wondering what to do with your Sunday (19 July) wonder no further: you’re all invited to The Meadows for THE BIG LUNCH

You may think, ‘gasp, what short notice!’ but fret not, you can still make it!
It is being organised as part of the nationwide ‘Big Lunch Project’ (part of the Eden Project), to encourage people who spend too much time cooped up inside to spend a day collectively enjoying food, laughter, play, music, art and conversation.
Picnics are being organised all over the country to promote spending time outside, so please do come along. It’s a great way to meet new people and do something a little different with your Sunday.
Needed: FOOD  (to feed the hungry, and picnic the poor) A picnic just ain’t a picnic without the food, so bring some for yourself and a little for someone else just in case.
DECORATIONS  (bunting, picnic blankets, sparklers, anything for an atmosphere)
MUSIC  Bring whatever you got, be it a voice, a harp, a harmonium, or an ipod with wicked speakers. We want music to make the day sound pretty. The plan is to get a jam session/open mic situation going so PLEASE get involved if you can, even if it’s just to shake an egg.
BOOKS  Bring inspiring things to read (aloud/in your head, it’s up to you)and share them with others.
ART  Big Lunch want to encourage creativity of all forms, so bring along your paper and pens, markers, sketch pads, glitter, pritt stick, paints and canvas. We are going to get hold of a large amount of roll out paper on which people can draw and document the day in mural form.

Big Lunch at Meadows

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