Happenings 14: a wee list

July 24, 2009

In the past week or two, we have: enjoyed the launch of Jane McKie‘s When the Sun Turns Green; welcomed international students in Edinburgh for SUISS (Scottish Universities’ International Summer School) for Lizzie’s annual tour, talk and read around (this year we had poems read in Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Dutch and Catalan);  gratefully received a gift for teatime of Kendal gingerbread cake/biscuit from Alexei, one of our volunteers; waved Robyn off on her holidays; marvelled at the big rain!; had plenty of meetings; pondered our Carry a Poem campaign in more depth; discussed how the reopening and rebranding of the nearby Holyrood Tavern would impinge favourably upon future staff outings; enjoyed interviewing Jen Hadfield; discussed the Forward Prize shortlists; gasped at this Carol Ann Duffy poem; sold Scottish poetry books to tourists; braced ourselves for the Gathering this weekend and our poetical involvement with the poetry competition; prepared for more concrete poetry tomorrow at 11am; tweeted; got excited about linen bags!

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