Burns Banner unveiled!

August 6, 2009

The weather smiled upon us today as we unveiled the Burns Banner on Market Street. You can read a more full account of proceedings over on the Burns Banner website, but favourite best bits were: Jan, who organised the first of the Burns Banner workshops on Mull, who came all the way and shared some delicious chocolate; Louise Dodds, who contributed from Dubai, wore tartan heels especially; when Sheena Wellington sang ‘A Man’s a Man For a’ That’, everyone joined in, and it felt a bit tingly like ‘Auld Lang Syne’ on Hogmanay; the sun was splitting the sky; the unveiling was as dramatic as we hoped; we thought for a brief moment that we might stop the traffic; loads of passers-by joined in; the Edinburgh Evening News ran a piece about it, and we were apprently on the BBC news at lunchtime. It was lovely.

There is a Burns Banner poster available for anyone who’d like one; they cost £2 each, or £1 if you contributed. If you’d like one, do be in touch and we will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements.

One Response to “Burns Banner unveiled!”

  1. […] Burns Banner went up! We told you yesterday but we’re telling you again. It looks cracking, and Robyn informs us that it can be seen from […]

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