Linen bags! Get your linen bags!

August 18, 2009

Linen bag boutique. (Books - library's own)The SPL has stepped into the delightful world of linen books bags! We took delivery just yesterday, and they’re now available in our shop for the frankly minuscule price of £2. You can hardly get a bag of chips/pint of beer/cup of tea and scone/Beano for £2 these days! And they look handsome too – we chose Iain MacIntosh’s interpretation of our strapline ‘By Leaves We Live’ as our motif. Black and white and awesome all over. So now, this bizarrely temperamental rain needn’t soggy your next instalment of top poetry books!

2 Responses to “Linen bags! Get your linen bags!”

  1. Lilias Says:

    Please, I want mine NOW!!! Peggy, lovely Peggy, please can you bring a couple for me tonight and I’ll press cash into your hand?

    (After all, what should the thinking woman carry in place of her worn-to-bits West Port Book Festival bag?)

  2. spl5 Says:

    Yes my dear, I shall come armed with a clutch this very eve. They are rather ‘andsome…

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