Revolutionary Europe at EIBF

August 27, 2009

Berlin WallOn Sunday at 4.30pm, a unique quartet of international poets will be appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival to showcase new work created under the presiding spirit of Robert Burns. They’ll have made the journey from Crear, where they’ve been workshopping together all week, and they are Scotland’s Donny O’Rourke, from Germany, Michael Augustin and Sujata BhattIoana Ieronim from Romania and Wojciech Bonowicz from Poland. Robyn’s been with them all week, and if her reports from the north are anything to go by, this event, marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, should be marvellous. Naturally, we will report back if you can’t be there! Hope you’ve all been having a poetry-tastic festival. A few more days to cram stuff in, hurray!

4 Responses to “Revolutionary Europe at EIBF”

  1. Colin Will Says:

    Die Mauer ist weg! Is it really 20 years?

  2. Alice T Says:

    Right back atcha, with your lovely blog! And that picture of the umbrella and the big blue bin is so vivid you can almost smell it. (Perhaps fortunate you can’t…)

  3. Lilias Says:

    Oooh, that was a lovely event. For a hopeless monoglot, it’s extraordinary to hear a poem rippling through different languages, recognisable patterns turning up side by side. For a beautiful moment, I even half-believed I could understand German… I think that was down to Michael Augustin’s crystal-clear reading.

  4. spl5 Says:

    I believe it is Colin! Time flies, eh.

    Thank you, dear Alice. Hope you and the team are all good. Youse were wonderful. Shall see you tomorrow eve!

    And Squil, R said it went really well. I was sorry to miss it, but was seeing ALK’s WORDS instead. Did Donny sing? Ach no, don’t tell me. It’ll only make me even more sad I wasn’t there!

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