Podcast Number 4!

August 31, 2009

headphonesWe’re pleased to announce that podcast number four is now ready and live for your listening pleasure! ‘Beyond the Boundaries’ finds our intrepid Ryan in conversation with sculptor Michael Bowdidge about William Blake’s ‘The Sick Rose’; poet Robert Alan Jamieson talking about his ode to Shetland – collection Nort Atlantik Drift and an audio sequence from the DVD of the same name. Saint Jude’s Infirmary serenade us with ‘Tacoma Radar’ featuring Jack Vettriano from their brand new album, This Has Been the Death of Us and talk poetry, music and Scotland. There’s some wonderful Pessoa in there, a moving snippet by Harry Smart, a bit about donkeys and some chat about Nothing but the Poem. Tasty jazz courtesy of Ewen Maclean of multitalented musical ensemble  The Hale Clamjamphrey pulls the whole thing together delightfully. A thousand thanks, as ever, to Colin Fraser of Anon Magazine for his wonderful editing, production and tinkering.

How do? You can either stream it directly from our website, or download via iTunes or from Podomatic. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. We hope you’ll decide to subscribe: Ryan has been gathering new content like a thing that gathers nuts in May, and we’re excited! We don’t like poetry, we love it!

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