Softly, softly…

September 3, 2009

Claire Askew with the angle of victory in candle-lit Black Bo'sAnd so we slammed! Last night, with the help of a standard lamp and a break for tea and biscuits, this was no ordinary slam, but then, this was no ordinary slam poetry. As host Kevin Cadwallender said, a quiet slam makes a space for people to compete who normally wouldn’t, and there is a more muted element of performance. And there was Robyn and I expecting nowt but whispers… 

Round one allowed each participant 3 minutes to read their stuff. Running over time meant a subtle gurgle from Anita Govan’s bird whistle, which looked pleasingly like a blackbird pie funnel (Lizzie had to help me out when it came to naming the ‘bird looking thing that sticks out of pies’…). After the taking of a biscuit and tea, each participant had a further 3 minutes, before the scores revealed the four finalists to be Colin Will, Claire Askew, Colin Donati and Anne Connolly. Each had two minutes to woo judges Mike Dillon, Aye Write Slam champ 2009; Jennie Renton, editor of and Rob A MacKenzie, organiser of the Poetry at the… reading series. And victory went to Claire Askew! It was her first time slamming, and she read a haunting poem about northern coal pits; ‘I’m Sorry I’m Still in Love With My Grandmother’ and ‘Despite’. What with Anita’s raffle, and a post-match trip to Black Bo’s, it turned out to be a great evening. Thanks to VoXboX’s Kevin and Anita for all their organising.

2 Responses to “Softly, softly…”

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