Happenings 17: cubes and silence

September 4, 2009

It’s been quite a number of weeks since our last Happenings. Which isn’t to say nothing has happened! Quite the reverse!

Today Julie took delivery of a concrete poetry cube by Augusto de Campos. We had been looking forward to its arrival and wondered how Professor Stephen Bann’s parcel would look. You can see above that the flat pack cardboard envelope was not what we had anticipated! We’re excited about seeing it in 3D though, at our upcoming concrete poetry exhibition. Very excitingly this will open in venues all over Edinburgh in October, so watch this space for more details…

You may already have heard of our Quiet Slam! It was gently triumphant.

Lorna, one of our education officers has had a busy week. This morning she hosted the launch of an anthology of student writing called ‘Who Am I’. Aonghas MacNeacail and students from Garcemount Academy were in attendance, as were croissants, grapes and smoothies. Gerry Cambridge, who worked on the project too, was not, though we were pleased to hear a lovely absent-from-the-Oscars style letter dispatched from him in Shetland to the students.

Jane and our designer for this year have been busy putting the final touches on our National Poetry Day postcards. They look gooooood. If you want them, send us an SAE and we’ll get a set out to you! In the meantime, why not read Ryan’s National Poetry day blog.

We’re gearing up for our Autumn/Winter events programme! This will be going to print in the next week or so, and is packed with goodies like our By Leaves We Live artists’ books and small presses fair, National Poetry Day shenanigans and selected works of a slightly different kind… More intel very soon.

Our fourth podcast, Beyond the Boundaries, is live! Don’t you just love that photo? Taken in Kashmir by someone who you’ll meet here on this very blog very soon… And our Poetry Issues, issue 6, went up today: if you know anyone who works in a library or would like some top bookish tips, send them in that direction!

I’ve tidied my desk and my suitcase is packed – lucky me to be off on my holidays for the next two weeks! You’ll be hearing from my dear colleagues in my absence, so till then, toodlepip!

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