Poetry Heroes

September 9, 2009

julie 90909 003Good afternoon! Resident front desk-jockey Dave here filling in for regular blogger Peggy, who is off on her travels.

Needless to say, events have certainly not ceased to transpire in her absence. This afternoon I was greeted at the (usually immaculately tidy) front desk with sixteen hefty-looking boxes full of our brand new National Poetry Day postcards. They are mysterious and enticing, no? This year’s theme is Heroes and Heroines, and as Ryan’s NPD blog attests, there are no Batmans (Batmen?) in the collection: this year’s poems focus on the small acts of kindness and stoicism which happen in quieter, more unassuming ways.

This is not, of course, to stand in the way of anyone who wants to write their own Superman haikus or X-Men villanelles.

We will be keeping a tight lid on any further details until National Poetry Day itself, when our Heroes and Heroines will be unmasked across the UK. In Edinburgh, the postcards will be distributed freely at the poetry gardens in St Andrews Square at lunchtime on Thursday the 8th of October. It will almost certainly be a unseasonably blistering autumn afternoon. There’s a load of stuff going on nationwide, the majority of which is free, with details all over the NPD website.

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