Happenings 18

September 11, 2009

There’s cake in the building, so it must be Friday… it’s of the banana loaf variety.  We’re all a bit wary since reading the article in the Guardian this week on the dangers of eating biscuits (particularly killer custard creams). Not dangers of a dietary nature, but, they make you accident prone apparently. But fortunately for staff here, our favourite, the jaffa cake, comes out of the research as the least dangerous biscuit (cake).

It’s been a busy week here as usual. We’ve been packing up the Edwin Morgan Archive exhibition, Bawr Stretter!, to go off on a seven library tour of Dumfries & Galloway, starting with a stint at the Wigtown Book Festival.

Andrew Greig at the SPL

Andrew Greig at the SPL

We’ve also had the pleasure of having Andrew Greig in the library this week. Here he is comfortably reading his way through all the poetry published by Scottish poets in late 2008, and so far in 2009. He’s this year’s editor for the SPL’s online Best Scottish Poems. You’ll get to find out which 20 poems he has chosen in March.

Our Ivor Cutler exhibition is officially over, but we haven’t yet taken it down… so if you’re still feeling inclined, there’s still time. It’ll be up for another week yet. Unofficially and quietly. It’s been nice hearing the odd chuckles coming from visitors as they encounter him in the photos and on the dvd that’s playing. 

Dave’s been cataloguing lots of new CDs – they’ll be on the shelves soon. And I’ve been putting the finishing touches to the postcard for our A Model of Order concrete poetry exhibition and events extravaganza. Jane and Robyn have been putting the finishing touches to our Annual Report, and Lizzie has had her head deep in enquiries and research as usual. And we had a session for teachers this week to help them prepare for National Poetry Day.

Well, we’ll sign off there for this week. Happy weekends to all.


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