Poppy Scotland

September 15, 2009

Poppy ScotlandOn Monday morning at the SPL, we were launching a new poetry competition for students, set up by Poppyscotland with SPL support. The theme is ‘Remembrance’, and the entries will come from P4-7 and S1-3.  Now the last veterans of the Great War have died, and the generation that lived through World War II is slowly disappearing, how do we keep remembering and why? These are questions for a much wider group than school pupils. We were fortunate to have Lt Col ‘JB’ Brown at the launch, speaking to the audience about writing poetry when serving in Iraq and other places. For JB it all began with Thomas Hardy, and a grandfather who ignited his passion for poetry. He’s been carrying a poem by Siegfried Sassoon in his wallet for many years now. Lizzie was able to show him some anthologies of war poems that he hadn’t come across before.

Lorna has been running schools workshops in November under the title ‘Ghosts of War’ for several years now, and some poems from those are included in the SPL anthology Poet Makar Bard 2. There’s one with a marvellous last verse, inspired by seeing the Bible pierced by a bullet in the National War Museum:

                 The ways we remember the loved ones we lost –





                  Running in the fields, bibles on their hearts.

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