Poetry crafts and getting quizzical…

October 9, 2009

We had such a marvellous day yesterday! Poetry was all over the internets, trending on Twitter, announcing itself in the form of prizes and votes and events and impromptu readings! Thank you for visiting us in person, if you did, and hopefully till next time, if you couldn’t.

We particularly enjoyed the craft skills of Knitty Kitty and our Julie in the afternoon, teaching us how to fashion bags from elderly Private Eyes, and little tiny books respectively. The evening brought our first ever poetry pub quiz! After the initial terror of an empty upstairs room in the Waverley, the place filled up with five worthy teams, showboating their poetry prowess. The winners were ‘The Skelf’, and scores were all creditable, despite what many deemed a difficult audio round. I shall pop some of the questions up here for you to muse upon of a lunch time. Popular opinion seems to favour the same again, on a slightly more regular basis, and we’re certainly game, so watch this space…

One Response to “Poetry crafts and getting quizzical…”

  1. […] earlier posts that we been busy! Yesterday being National Poetry Day brought goodies in the form of crafts, a Nothing But the Poem session, a Poems Aloud read-aloud, and our first poetry pub […]

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